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Failte Gu Urras Tac Chalanais

Welcome to the Callanish Farm Trust

Urras Tac Chalanais ( Gaelic for Callanish Farm Trust) was formed in 2006 to act as a vehicle to take ownership of the land known as Calanais Farm, extending to 75ha, which was gifted to the Calanais community by Edinburgh University in 2007.

Calanais is located on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and is home to the iconic, world-famous 5,000-year-old Callanish Stone Circle. The Calanais farmland, known locally as Ard Chalanais, is adjacent to the stone circle and also bounds the western edge of the village.

Historically the land and the old farmhouse were one unit and was owned, in the recent past, by Edinburgh University up until 1995 when the farmhouse and campus were separately gifted to the community and the Calanais Visitor Centre built on the site.

Urras Tac Chalanais manage the farmland on behalf of and for the benefit of the people of Calanais and the wider community and a plan has now been formulated to develop the area.